Press releases - 2024

May 14, 2024 [8:00am] : T1 en hausse, 2024 année de l’Intelligence Artificielle avec l’IA Intuitive Artmarket® induite dans les banques de données Artprice, ses nouveaux services et abonnements à haute valeur ajoutée

April 30, 2024 [8:00am] : Rapport financier annuel Artprice 2023, hausses du CA, du résultat net et des capitaux propres

April 4, 2024 [2:30pm] the Artprice100© index was up 1.55% in 2023

March 12, 2024 [12:45pm] Artprice looks at 2023’s NFT auction market, and the 50 most successful digital artists, a promising future with the record for cryptocurrencies in ETFs on Wall Street

March 7, 2024 [1:15pm]

Artprice by publishes its 28th annual report – The Art Market in 2023. A new record number of artworks sold at auction. Biggest national marketplace: the USA. Female artists showed spectacular growth.

February 27, 2024 [7:00am] CIHA 2024 Lyon – France, Artprice committed sponsor of the 36th world congress representing more than 50 countries and 1000 speakers specializing in Art History research

February 13, 2024 [7:45am] higher Q4 2023 revenue and the connection of its inductive learning proprietary AI tool (Intuitive Artmarket ®) to its databases and its Standardized Marketplace for the certification of primary issues of NFTs

February 5, 2024 [7:30am] Artprice comments launch of FrenchArtFund investment fund, regulated by the AMF