Press releases - 2022

December 14, 20022 [7:45am] has kept its promise and confirms the successful deployment of its new Artprice Artists Homepages, with already promising uptake stats and an excellent outlook for 2023 as we progress toward the grail of art valuation

December 8, 2022 [8:00am]

The Metaverse and NFTs of The Abode of Chaos dixit NYT, Contemporary Art Museum and headquarters of Artprice by - a reality according to n°2208 of the monthly magazine Géomètre (creation 1847)

November 9, 2022 [9:30pm] reports Q3 revenue growth (y-o-y) and announces significant increase in subscription and service prices, deployment of the most advanced version of

October 20, 2022 [6:05pm], already positioned on NFTs with Artprice, reacts to an interview on BFM Crypto with Bruno Le Maire and notably his desire to make France 'the hub of the crypto-asset ecosystem'

September 29, 2022 [5:35pm] : Rapport financier S1 2022, les capitaux propres dépassent les 30M€, RN en progression, record CA S1, mise en place de la chaîne de valeurs NFT d'Art par Artprice

September 15, 2022 [9:10am] with a 99.95% reduction in energy consumption, "The Merge" is a historic and ecological success for Ethereum, the reference cryptocurrency for Artprice and for the art-NFT market

September 12, 2022 [5:35pm] adds Ethereum and Bitcoin to its multi-currency Artprice databases to meet the needs of its customers and prepare for the future in Web 3.0

September 6, 2022 [2:30pm] presents the Artprice 2022 half-year report: the art market returns to strong growth in the West

August 9, 2022 [8:00am] : 2T2022 croissance à double chiffre de +23 %, bilan S1 2022 du Marché de l'Art/Artprice +32 %, les NFTs dépassent 44 Md USD en 2021

May 11, 2022 [8:00am]

Artprice by the Metaverse of the art-NFT market, with 35 years of unique experience in virtual worlds

March 15, 2022 [2:15pm] releases the Artprice 2021 Global Art Market Report showing a 60% growth in turnover and a paradigm shift marked by the arrival of NFTs

February 9, 2022 [7:45am] beats its 4Q target with a 39% jump in turnover, and reaches 61% for the year 2021; Art NFTs and Web3 are at the heart of Artprice's growth plan for 2022